Landscaping Trends That Will Rock Your Yard

Hire a Professional Landscape Company and Make a Difference in Your Yard

Landscaping has always been a matter of debate. Some people know exactly what they want, and they prefer to design their landscape by themselves. Others choose to hire a landscaper, and leave professionals handle the job. However, there seems to be some high trends in the landscaping business, and you should take them into consideration.

Happy young landscaperEco-Friendly Landscaping

The latest trend in landscaping is natural weed control. Although this may sound almost impossible for some, we assure you that there are ways to create a perfectly-manicured lawn, without using chemicals. One of them is home-made compost. More and more owners choose to make their own compost in order to create and maintain an environmental friendly yard. Another option is to hire a landscape company that specializes in Eco-friendly landscaping.

Water Management

Using less water in the yard is another trend that spreads quickly. Many people have chosen to redesign their landscape, and adhere to drought-resistant plantings. There is also the option of installing high-performance irrigation systems that are specifically designed for water conservation.

Going Native

Up until now, there was a very big debate regarding invasive plants. Owners and landscapers have thought of all sorts of ways to exterminate invasive plants from their landscape. However, it seems that the trend now is not to eliminate invasive plants, but to embrace them. It’s called the “go native” trend, and it’s pretty catchy. Since invasive plants are more resistant to climate change than exotic plantings, many owners find it easier to keep their landscape well-maintained. Ease of maintenance reflects into less money spent on landscaping, which is always a benefit.

Whether you have experience in landscaping or not, hiring a landscape company to adapt your yard to the latest trends, is the best way to go. Professional landscapers can identify the focal points of your landscape, and then emphasize them, creating the yard of your dreams. Lassiter Mill Gardens Inc is one of those companies that always tries to impress with our projects.

If you live in Raleigh, NC, then call us at (919) 629-3939, and let us take care of your landscape.

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