The Greatest Plants and Flowers to Grow That Resist Deer According to Landscaping Contractors

Best-Growing Flowers & Plants for Deer Resistance

There are numerous ways to try to keep deer away from your plants, but many of these techniques are inefficient, expensive, or unpleasant enough to repel gardeners as well as deer. Planting annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs that deer are unlikely to consume will help if keeping deer away from your prized plants has proven impossible. While grown deer will consume nearly anything if they are hungry enough, including thorny rose bushes, no plant can be completely guaranteed to be deer-resistant. Fawns will sample any plant to see if they enjoy the flavor. A plant that is designated as deer resistant may experience damage if there are lots of young deer browsing in your region, these are some of the most problematic situations for homeowners and landscaping contractors. Continue reading to learn more about some seasonal plant options for home landscapes that are resistant to deer.


The corydalis is a unique shade garden plant with lovely fern-like foliage and a protracted blooming season. Its blooms are blue or yellow. The finest results will be achieved by gardeners in regions with cool summers. If planted in a good environment, corydalis can develop into a somewhat vigorous self-seed.


Daffodils and tulips are at opposite ends of the spring bulb spectrum. Squirrels, rabbits, and deer do not like the milky sap of the daffodil. In contrast to tulips, which tend to decrease in number each season, daffodils have the extra advantage of proliferating throughout time. Any spring deer-proof garden must have daffodils because of their vibrant pinky-salmon colors and new intriguing double shapes.


Pulmonaria plants are an unsung hero of the shade garden because of their peculiar name and spotted foliage. These low-maintenance plants not only deter deer but also thrive in the intense shadow of walnut trees without showing any symptoms of the juglone toxicity that afflicts other shade-loving plants like azaleas. These are among the springtime plants that bloom first. A popular cultivar with powdery mildew resistance is called “Raspberry Splash.”

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