Your Landscape and Garden Could Look It’s Best With the Right Grass

The Grass That Suits You Best

The presence of grass as a dominant component in the landscape can be seen in many different settings. To give both visual and biological interest to an otherwise barren property or street, grass growth is necessary. It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that it’s among the few other reliable sources of greenery and attractiveness besides trees. In the absence of regular maintenance from a lawn care company, your grass may perish. In order to get a healthy landscape and garden established, it is not always necessary to start by really working on the property. Inside this post, we’ll take a high-level look at those themes.

St. Augustine Grass

This variety of grass thrives in warmer climates than others do because its lateral extension and leaf development rates are slower compared to other types and variants. It’s a frequent strategy for city dwellers who want to boost their property value with landscaping, but don’t have the time or energy to devote to the project themselves.

Fescue Grass

If you’re looking for grass that’s more about looks than function, fescue is a terrific option. Not only can this type of grass hold its shape well and can function in cooler climates, but its bunching growth behavior also sets it apart from other types of grass. This type of variety stands out from the rest for its aesthetic attractiveness because most of its growth happens throughout the spring and fall.

Bermuda Grass

Anyone who frequents a golf course is guaranteed to see Bermuda grass at some point. Homeowners and other company owners all over the world who are responsible for the upkeep of their lawns frequently opt to use Bermuda grass, which is one of the cultivars that is the most widely accessible on the market. It’s a cost-effective choice for large regions because it spreads quickly and survives in a variety of climates with minimal maintenance.

Planting the right kind of grass can give your landscape and garden the look and results you want. If you need help with lawn maintenance or any other aspect of gardening, don’t hesitate to give Lassiter Mill Gardens Inc a call. Our office is located at Raleigh, NC, and you can stop by any time, or you can call (919) 629-3939 to schedule an appointment.

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